The Breezy Point Disaster Relief Fund

The Breezy Point Disaster Relief Fund Inc. was established by community members of Breezy Point with the direct intention of supporting fellow community members in need in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.


On October 29, 2012, Breezy Point was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. Jamaica Bay and the Atlantic Ocean flooded the Point. Most Breezy Point homes were damaged or destroyed by high water. Residents lost everything in their basements, and hundreds of vehicles were ruined by the storm. At 10 pm, a six-alarm fire was reported at 173 Ocean Avenue, spreading across the neighborhood. Local volunteer firefighters were trapped in place for several hours due to the flooding. Over 130 homes were burned to the ground.


Many organizations and donors contacted BPDRF to help channel funds and organize efforts to fix community infrastructure and facilities. Lists of projects completed and underway are noted on the BPDRF website.




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